High Value
Home Insurance.

Your home is a masterpiece.

It’s a place you love, filled with the things you love. Fully protecting your home is important, and the quality of your home requires the same out of its insurance coverage. Protecting your home means protecting your lifestyle, as well as the ability to restore your home to its original custom specifications in case of loss.

High-value homes are distinctive in that they require features that are not included in general home insurance policies. Any damage or loss may result in a more severe property loss simply because your home likely contains many valuable items and materials.

Our expert brokers at Rizk Insurance have access to several specialty insurers, offering matchless service and established experience with valuable and unique homes. We provide unparalleled coverage options.

Coverage options to consider:


In the event of total loss, our clients are able to rebuild to its original specifications – anywhere.


In the case of stolen or destroyed property, clients receive a cash payout without depreciation.


High limit for Identity Theft Insurance and liability limits for Home Insurance.


Family protection, including coverage for home invasion, child abduction, carjacking, and kidnapping.


Seasonal homes can also be insured with the same coverage as your home — without limited coverage.


Complimentary home appraisals.

High Value
Homeowner's Insurance

If you have an estate home worth over $1,000,000, you need protection that has the same quality and specialization as your home.

High Value
Auto Insurance

If you own a high value vehicle such as a collector, an antique, or a recreational vehicle, we offer a full range of insurance solutions to ensure you are protected.

Jewelry & Art

From art collections to wine to engagement rings, we provide expert advice while keeping an eye on market changes, to protect your high-value articles.

Home Insurance

Secondary home coverage looks different than primary; you will receive a complimentary home appraisal, homescan technology, as well as property management services.

We want to help you get the coverage you need, at a price that fits you, plain and simple.

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