Protect your assets
with our Private Client Services.

You’ve worked hard for the assets you have.

There are no shortcuts to get to where you are now. Your investments are hard-earned and unique to your personal and professional goals. Now it’s time to protect your assets and lifestyle.

Rizk Insurance’s private client service section specializes in providing professional risk management consultancy for high-net-worth individuals and families.

We provide straightforward and exclusive insurance service, helping our clients identify, evaluate, and determine the best method to protect assets from a variety of risks.

Whether it is your luxurious estate, an overseas vacation property, or valuable family heirlooms, Rizk Insurance can provide unique insights and solutions for customized, high-value personal insurance.

High Value
Homeowner's Insurance

If you have an estate worth over $1,000,000, you need protection that has the same quality and specialization as your home.

High Value
Auto Insurance

If you own a high value vehicle such as a collector, an antique, or a recreational vehicle, we offer a full range of insurance solutions to ensure you are protected.

Jewelry & Art

From art collections to wine to engagement rings, we provide expert advice while keeping an eye on market changes, to protect your high-value articles.

Home Insurance

Secondary home coverage looks different than primary; you will receive a complimentary home appraisal, homescan technology, as well as property management services.

Get started finding the insurance that’s best for you.

At Rizk Insurance, we recognize that risk profiles change over the years.

We continually monitor and respond to the changing needs of our clients. Contact Rizk Insurance today for any of your insurance needs.

Protect your passion.

Rizk Insurance delivers the experience, proficiency and market connections to protect your passions. Our veteran brokers provide expert guidance and personalised risk management solutions. We have access to a vast range of specialty insurance providers so that our clients can experience exceptional coverage, service and value.

Our private client service section is the premium resource for safeguarding personal, family and estate assets.

Our brokers seek to understand your distinctive situation, and quickly adapt to unique needs.

We want to help you get the coverage you need, at a price that fits you, plain and simple.

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