Seasonal Home

Do you have a little piece of paradise?

Whether it’s a cabin on the lake, a cottage near the ski hill, or a condo in a resort town, your vacation home should be completely insured. Making sure your home away from home is covered means enjoying your vacations to the fullest – because knowing with full certainty that you are protected is a good feeling.

Just like your home, your cottage is one of your most valuable assets. To find the right coverage for you, our brokers take into consideration how frequently your property is used, how often it is occupied, and if you rent it while not occupying it yourself.

Our brokers at Rizk Insurance can customize a vacation property insurance policy to fit your needs. We’ll work with you to determine the coverage you need and do the comparison shopping for you, providing you with competitive insurance quotes.

Cottage Insurance Options to Consider:

Depending on the company and policy you end up choosing, you may have the option of extending some of the coverage from your main residence to insure a seasonal cottage. Our brokers at Rizk Insurance will work with you to find out if you can qualify for that extension, amongst other discounts and saving options.

Coverage for vacation homes can often be limited. 

Here are a few considerations we will take while helping you choose the right fit for your vacation home:


Your vacation home’s content. This coverage applies to content permanently kept at the vacation home. We’ll make sure your valuables are fully covered.


Your vacation home’s detached structures. If your home has a shed, garage or boathouse, we’ll make sure they are insured, too.


Watercrafts. Coverage for seasonal properties often limits coverage for power boats, canoes, etc. We will make sure your boats are protected.

Homeowner's Insurance

Chances are, your home is one of the largest investments you’ll ever make.

Protecting your home is protecting you and your family’s financial future.

With Rizk Insurance, procuring house insurance and protecting the contents of your home is straightforward.

Tenant Insurance

Though you might not own your home, there is no doubt that it is still just that to you: your home.

It’s where you cook, play, unwind and spend time with family and friends. And it’s also where you keep your valued possessions.

condo Insurance

 Owning a condo comes with a unique homeowner experience. You’ve got neighbours above and below, and strata or condo associations looking out for you.

Your unit is a large investment and holds valued content.

Home Business Insurance

Running a business from home is an admirable undertaking.

Whether you are a dog groomer, a bath bomb sculptor or a hot sauce connoisseur, we love to support home-grown businesses at Rizk Insurance.

Seasonal Home Insurance

Whether it’s a cabin on the lake, a cottage near the ski hill, or a condo in a resort town, your vacation home should be completely insured.

We want to help you get the coverage you need, at a price that fits you, plain and simple.

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