Dispelling Home Maintenance Myths

There are many home maintenance myths out there.  In this Rizk Insurance blog we aim

to dispel some of the common home maintenance myths.


Myth 1.  Ceiling Fans Only Turn One Way

Ceiling fans can be an effective temperature moderator. In the spring and the fall the direction of your ceiling fan can be changed to help raise or lower the room temperature.  In the summer the fans blades should push the air down. In the winter the fans blades should draw the air up.


Myth 2.  Brown Grass is Dead Grass

Although that patch of brown grass may be an eyesore, don’t fret yet. Brown grass does not necessarily mean your grass is dead but rather dormant. Grass goes brown when it is unable to take water or nutrients from the soil. It may still grow back in the spring.


Myth 3.  Don’t Water Your Grass in the Fall

Just because the summer heat has left, and winter is around the corner, doesn’t mean you should stop watering your lawn. If you stop watering too early in the season you will miss an important opportunity to prime your lawn for the winter months.


Myth 4.  Close Vents in Vacant Rooms to Save Money

Closing heating vents throughout your house may cause your heating system to work inefficiently. The closed vents can adversely affect the heating systems balance and cause pressure to build up in your venting system resulting in leaks and decreased efficiency.


Myth 5.  Use Duct Tape for Sealing Ducts

Although duct tape is an incredibly universal tool that can help in many situations, using duct tape to seal ducts is not an ideal fix. The duct tape does not seal ducts and over time the tape’s adhesiveness will dry out resulting in leaks.


Myth 6.  Hot Water Flushes Down Grease

It’s time for turkey and festive meals and that means one thing… grease!  Although you may think hot water will help flush that turkey grease down the pipes, even boiling hot water won’t prevent grease from sticking to your pipes.  Instead, pour the grease into a disposable container or wipe out pans and discard the wipes.


Myth 7.  Pushing the “Test” Button on your Smoke Detector is Enough

It is common practice to ensure your homes smoke detectors are functioning by pressing the “test” button to see if new batteries are required or if there are any electrical issues warranting a new smoke detector. However, it is often overlooked to test the smoke sensor itself. It is important to ensure the alarm is working just as it is equally important to ensure the sensor is. Some Smart Home technologies now have a complete self-testing diagnostic that can be run. It is important to consult your manufactures guide prior to testing and remember that most manufactures recommend replacing your smoke detectors every 10 years.


Myth 8.   You Only Have to Change your Furnace Filter Twice a Year

How often you should be changing your furnace filter is dependent upon a few key factors: the type of filter you use, how often you are running your furnace or air conditioner and how dusty your community is. There is no general rule of thumb, but these three factors can result in your changing your furnace filter monthly to quarterly to semi-annually.


Myth 9.  You Have to Wait Until Spring to Remove Shrubs or Trees

Tree and Shrub removal can occur anytime during the year before the ground freezes. Removing a tree or shrub is not the same as pruning. Pruning is cutting back the tree or shrub branches to assist in healthy growth.


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