Protecting Your Home From Intruders

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Whether you are heading out of town for a weekend or vacationing for a month, as a homeowner taking precautions to deter an intruder or prevent a possible break-in is generally done without a second thought. However, did you know that taking these precautions may also reduce the cost of your home insurance? For example, many insurance providers offer insurance premium discounts to homeowners who have an active home alarm system. But whether you have an installed alarm system or have a family dog, here are a few tips to keep in mind in your day to day routine and when jet setting on your next vacation.

  • lock your doors and windows at night, including your interior garage door;
  • lock your vehicle and if parked outside ensure your garage door opener is not visible (for tips on how to prevent vehicle theft, check out our blog:;
  • close your blinds and curtains at night so potential burglars cannot see inside;
  • leave your outside porch lights on;
  • should you have a shed or outdoor storage, consider installing a padlock or code lock.

While you are on vacation there are several steps you should take to reduce your homes risk of break-in:

  • stop newspaper and/or flyer delivery;
  • ensure your lawn is kept mowed and/or your sidewalk shoveled;
  • cancel any mail deliveries;
  • use timers on your indoor and outdoor lights;
  • lock your doors;
  • let a trusted neighbor know you are leaving and ask them to watch over your home;
  • do not advertise your vacation to strangers.

As important as it is to integrate these deterrents into your daily routine, it is equally important NOT to do the following:

  • don’t leave a note on your front door advertising you are not home (ie. Son, we have gone out to the grocery store but will be back home by 4:00pm) ;
  • don’t leave purses, wallets, keys and money readily visible;
  • don’t leave spare keys under the front mat or in the mailbox;
  • don’t leave doors unlocked or garage doors open.

In the terrible event of a burglary to your home, one of the most important pre-emptive steps you can take to ensure the accurate value of your valuables are covered under your insurance policy, is to create an inventory of your home’s contents.  Creating a detailed inventory, including serial numbers, photographs and descriptions, will help make filing and completing an insurance claim much easier.  For high-end valuable items such as jewelry, art, coin collections, fur coats, bicycles and high-end cameras contact your Insurance Broker to discuss adding these items as separate schedules to your insurance policy.  For more information on protecting your jewelry and other high-end valuables, check out our blog:  Not only will a detailed inventory of your home contents aid in verifying the ownership of your valuable assets, it will also aid in determining the right amount of insurance coverage you need to keep your assets protected. For more information on a home inventory, check out our blog:


If you ever have questions regarding your home insurance policy or coverage in general, contact Rizk Insurance today and we’ll help answer any inquiries you may have.


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